Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Fall Post and a Wee bit of Scotland

Dearest Gals, I have finally gotten ahead of my busy life to post a little bit of how my summer went. Lots of sewing projects, sew dates with friends, along with family weddings, and a big vacation to Scotland and Ireland! I didn't really document my self this summer as well as I would have like to. Sometimes it just happens and as I read along on your blogs, I am glad to see that mostly things have been good for you all.

Here's a look at one of the darling quilt shops I visited in Edinburgh, My Bearpaw.
A John Ruskin quote in cloth

super adorable stitching
familiar fabrics 
Jane of My Bearpaw
super fun quilt class
Bearpaw Classes
 Scotland. It was tucked into a neighborhood and took us about 30 minutes walking in the rain but we found it! Lovely Jane greeted us and it felt like I could just sit down and get to sewing. The quilt behind Jane is from last year and each person that participated in each individual block, used it as their "ticket" to enter the modern quilt retreat. Great idea and so many different approaches. Check them out!!

I am back at work and after 4 months off it is a bit of a shock. I find I love puttering around in the mornings at home and gardening and making a really good dinner. All of that kind of goes away when the focus is on clean hair, nice clothes and 8:30 a.m. The good hours of creativity and peace and quiet just don't happen for me after dinner time. Chime in here with how good retirement is and I may put that paperwork in sooner than next May!

I have alot of on-going projects, but this one is wanting me to order out for dinner and take a nap. That would be a Catnap, as this darling fabric is by Lizzie House and named the same. The pattern is Meow by Aneela Hoey. I pet this fabric each morning and one day soon I'll call in well and get it started. I think between Lizzie and Aneela it will be one of my favorite quilts ever.

My fall project awaits me!

All matched up and ready to go!
That being said, Pacific International is next week! It is such a huge and vibrant show and for the first time in 5 years I am going. So I can imagine some creative energy will come back with me. If you are still reading thank you! I miss by bloggy friends and hope I can keep up a bit more this fall. xoxo Pam

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The New Kitten

No gals, I haven't the heart to get a real live kitten, although I would have one in a minute if Miso Pretty would allow it.
No such luck with this princess kitty.

 she is just ignoring the flat cat on the table
 Instead I made a "Flatty Cat" from a cute little pattern shown here. The cool thing is you use fusible grid to lay out your squares, then sew them row by row and you end up with a piece of perfectly made kitten fur. Eww. That sounds bad. Truly, it's just cute little squares. I used Quiltsmart and the directions on their page make it all so easy to create a fun little softie.

super fun super easy
Flatty Cats pattern

fused down. See Aneela Hoey's little Petal fabric?

front and back Flat Cats

This cat doesn't seem to mind the new kitty

Front of Flatty

Backside of Flatty

I sent Flatty off to camp to my daughter Carmen who has been attending Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp since she was a 7th grader. She is now the head gal counselor for 2 glorious weeks a year in the Sierra. I am sure this little creature will take in all the glory that is camping under the stars. Happy Summer!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Sewin for babies and gauchos!

I have been sewing along at various project since January. Not too blog worthy really, but I am always glad when I see things moving along! Here are some progress shots from recently.
hugs and kisses
Watercolor Roses   and  Aboriginal Peony Star progress

Some of the new Swoon

Chuck's House Sitting quilt

Clover and Jam in progress

Baby quilts just for fun

Starting up my Tula Blocks again

can't believe it's been since February 2nd since I opened this project!

Aprons for Carmen's Theatre Class

We will teach those Gauchos to sew!
I have been puttering around the house and yard and sewing room since the last day of work on June 16th.  My daughter Carmen wants to teach her students to sew next year. HMMM. She hasn't worked a sewing machine since 5th grade. I think I have been elected to do this task. Aprons seem like a good idea. I sent the logo to Spoonflower so we can make a pocket that is a logo. Stay tuned on this adventure!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Library Gal Sews her Own Books!

Hello Gals, Now where were we? Oh yes, Lori won the blog book giveaway, and I was celebrating 300 blog posts! Now that I've made it to 301, I have lots of sewing to share with you! If you follow this little blog, you know I have a daughter that is in graduate school and TA DA is now finished! This year she has been teaching drama full time as a first year teacher and writing a thesis to boot. Good Grief! I can barely imagine it, except I have been fretting about it the whole time anyway. she is!
UC Berkeley Grad School smiles!

I wanted to make her a very special gift and so, I thought about all the book shelf quilts I had seen over the years and decided that was the ticket! I began with strips and spent about a week just moving them around, and finally got a sense of what I was doing.

not books yet...

So I asked Carmen for her favorite 10 books and 5 plays. She texted me the titles and I began to see this project take place. 

The task of free motion quilting the titles was next,. thank you Cathy, and then piecing them into strips to construct the piece. 

I sewed the together so that the bottom edge was even and then the strips were cut down to create the top of the "bookshelf."

One of the hardest fiddly parts was doing the leaning red book. I knew in my head what I wanted and I am okay with how it turned out but it could have been better. Maybe shorter or wider. But anyway it worked.

I used some black fabric for the actual shelf that had some little lines on it...not solid but I thought it looked good with the other fabrics.

Simple quiting and additions of book spines and motifs was next. Esther made me look good by adding the details! 

Aren't the details fun? Carmen loves bees, so I had a buzzing bee put going across the top. Notice the "bookends" on the sides too. I finished it by buying a 18 x 36 inch canvas on stretcher bars from Aaron Bros. and used a staple gun to attach it. I used wrapping paper from World Market that is pretty heavy and nice for the finishing of the back.

  1. Ex Libris is now hanging in my dear daughter's home and she is on her way! Life is good!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Time for a Winner!

Thank you everyone for participating. The winner is Lori of Humble Quilts ! Lucky gal! Please send me an email with your home address and I will get your gift certificate in the mail! Congrats Lori!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Giveaway to Celebrate 300 Posts!

Hi Gals!  Time to celebrate 300 posts on Library Gal Quilts!

cover generated  by
Over the years I have purchased many a pretty journal hoping to gather my thoughts and dreams, and now by some magic, I have a journal of sorts that I would never have had if it hadn't been for blogging.

Welcome Post in 2008

 When I look back through the titles of the blog posts, I hardly remember what I was rambling about until I go and check up on it. Blogging has chronicled many quilt starts and finishes, family events, and friends galore. I cherish that I have a written record of so many good times, good people, and fun places. And you. I am so happy to have had you gals stop by and comment and share with me. It's hard to describe to people who don't blog, but I believe it is a very special means of connecting, and I thank you so much!

my blog printed in hard cover
Posts Titles Table of Contents

 So that  you can also have the fun of printing your blog, my giveaway to you is a gift certificate to Blog2Print. They do a great job of presenting your blog posts in book form. You will get to choose your own covers and format with a little help from them. It is really a great day when your "book" arrives and you sit down to admire your handiwork!

How to win? Leave me a comment and say hello. To have a second chance to win, leave a second comment and tell me the name of your library! 

I will pick a winner on Monday, March 24th at 12 noon.  Good luck!

Happy Quilting! Love, Pam

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fabric Privacy Please

Just when I think I have calmed down and figured out my stash and what to make next and next and next a little thought goes like this while scrolling for something sensible like background fabric for a project. "Oh, look at THAT fabric! Who is the designer? Wow! Okay, maybe just some fat eighths so I don't miss out on it." Hahaha. And that is the story of my burgeoning closet of cloth.

I can't help it and sometimes I just don't want to help it. Except when my newly retired husband says, "you got some MORE little packages in the mail today" what the heck are they? "Oh just fabric". Gulp. I feel like I want a P.O. Box. Some fabric privacy please. I have been known to curse the mailman for coming around late in the day but now I kind of hope for it. And that I am at the kitchen window when he goes down the first side. Stroll on out now to the driveway to clip some it as it is delivered and swoop it into the house. La Ti Da.  So here is what is on my want list currently.

This package will be coming from Australia!

Oh I could go on and on but really Pinterest keeps me sane by just pinning some of my favorites instead of guilt and or secret trips to the post office. And so we have some money left over for, you know, food.

Now that I have that off my fabric mind, I want to announce that very soon I will be having an anniversary to celebrate my 300th post on Library Gal Quilts and I will be having a giveaway so you too can add to your stash and have a little parcel come to your house!