Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hello Gals!

It has been an instagram summer! I have had many computer mishaps and I am just now getting things back in order. So, if you are still following along many things are in the making and doing here on Meadow Road.

I retired from the Library after 37 years!
I retired in April and this fall has been filled with wedding plans for my dear older daughter Paloma so I haven't missed it as much as I probably would have. I loved my job. It was very interesting and all the students made it very vibrant and young. Frustrating at times but hey, that's life on a university campus.

It was a wonderful life there and I appreciate that I was entrusted with all those fragile documents, photographs and souls. Yep, souls. You are a mother of sorts to all of those 17-25 year olds that come through your doors and I don't think I had but one in all those years that was a problem. I believe in young people. There are so many good ones. Hey, I was one of them once!

We had a fun and sweet shower for Lulu in late June and it was so nice to see all of her good childhood friends gathered again in our house celebrating LOVE! Woohoo! All of these young ladies are still in touch with my daughter and I think that is the best gift of all. 

Shower Decorations!

 In sewing there has been alot going on wedding wise and otherwise. I have made all the centerpieces from Kaffe fabrics and all the ties from various quilt shop fabrics...voiles and cottons.

Add caption

these fabrics!

And Deakin with his new pup Rudy

Currently making a Modern Maples!

I have made some shop samples for Honey Run Quilters which is fun and challenging. When you are used to "work" this is as close as I plan on coming to it for some time, but it is a help in transition to the retired universe.

Garden Roses from Summer on Meadow Road!

 So for now until I can figure out this computer conundrum this is all I can share. It is going to take getting a new system and that will have to wait until after the big day!  Love, Pam

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An Apple a Day Makes for No Blogging

Hello Gals! Well my computer is really in bad shape. I had it upgraded and with that came a very irritating quirk. My photographs show only as a black thumbnail. In order to see them I have to open each one and then close it. Not going to happen in this lifetime! So it has been miserable trying to blog and share all the fun things I have been doing and quilting since I retired. I have been quilting and planning my daughter's wedding reception. It has been alot of fun. I also went to Sisters again and enjoyed classes with Tula Pink Elizabeth Hartman and saw old friends and made new ones!

If you have an instagram account I have been sharing that way lately. Please follow me and as soon as I get this computer problem figured out (I really think I will be buying a PC) I will blog again. I miss hearing from people and catching up on friends and quilting buddies.

You can find me on Instagram at :
so go and find me and let me know you came from the blog. I will have a giveaway soon and anyone that lets me know will be entered! Love to all and Happy Quilting! Pam

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Offically Discarded!

Library peeps will know the term Officially Discarded as the absolute last bit of effort that goes into a worn out or weeded out title. 

They were replacing the old wooden signs. So this one came home with me!
The Chico State Administration Logo Today Decides Tomorrow!
Sad sometimes. Necessary for sure when information has changed or the book is replaced with a new edition. Kinda like me right now...I have officially retired from my job in Special Collections at CSU Chico. It's quite the leap after 35 years!  I estimate that I have cataloged about 20,000 photographs. Holy Moly.  I have worked about 70 semesters in school years and while I have gotten older, the main population stays the same age...from about 18-30 with a few exceptions. It's an interesting concept. It definitely keeps you young.  I will miss the searching for clues and helping students and researchers find that special information they need. I imagine I will find a way to continue that with volunteer work eventually. Eventually. For now I am sewing and reading and gardening and walking and all those things that the hours of work took up. Wonderful. Really wonderful and kind of magical. Today I didn't even know what day it was. Bliss.

In crafty sewing news, it  has been a super fun 2 months! I have had some great quilting fun including a wonderful class with Sue Spargo right here in Chico!
basic start with paper shapes

Getting the hang of it and filling in the flowers
Sue was just so encouraging and our class was filled with great women and their imaginative wool projects.

Right after that in mid April Dorrie and I headed north to Sisters to take a class with Violet Craft at the Stitchin Post. and professional. Every single aspect of the class was so thoughtful.

Violet in Violet

Forest Abstractions
Jean Wells introducing Violet
Smiling Gals

Violet Craft was an enthusiastic instructor and it was important to her that everyone was tended to and made to feel comfortable. Awesome. Really Special.  We were starting our Forest Abstractions quilts and it will be amazing once we finish. It takes time to paper piece but it is so satisfying. I loved hearing all about fabric design and Violet's journey with the industry. Michael Miller Fabrics seem like a great company and they appreciate her vision. Win-Win!!

So for now, I am choosing my projects and activities rather randomly. It's a good feeling to learn to relax...And like the song so perfectly says, "The rest is still unwritten" !

Just about to fly away after a lovely farewell party

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sew Irish

Happy St. Paddy's Day, Gals! Hope you are wearin the green and enjoying some fine spirits or other good Irish treats.


Tea at Bewleys

good for you! 

 I went to Ireland this past year and I found a couple of lovely shops to purchase fabric.

 The Cloth Shop was really fresh simple and had loads of Liberty of London and Amy Butler.  The sweet shop owner's daughter had a little friend under the cash counter and he looked just like our little Teddy. It is on south King Street if you are ever so lucky as to go there.

The Cloth Shop
Lovely window 
New Friends in Dublin

Gorgeous Liberty.

Murphy Sheehy
 And on to another fabric shop Murphy Sheehy Fabrics quite by accident down an alley and full of sale Liberty and other wonderful rolls of fabric. They have a wonderful little Sewing Academy upstairs.

Also, very near here was an absolutely fantastic Ribbon shop full of spools and spools of glorious trim. This darling window display was so adorable! 

Ribbons and More Ribbons

And on the way back to the hotel crossing the big boulevard near the River Liffey, a fashion statement indeed! 
Out and About

So, here's wishing you happy March sewing and in the words of William Butler Yeats:

 "Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
 Enwrought with golden and silver lights,
 The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
 Of night and light and the half-light..."

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Save the Date

Gals, it has been a love feast around our house. Our daughter is getting married later this year and it made her birthday and Valentine's Day even more special when thoughts of love and sweethearts came around this year.

I had fun designing this with WeddingPaperDivas

I love this fabric so much Pom Pom de Paris by French General and I only used little bits but it was so fun to fussy cut.

Hello Romeo

  I have made one of these cute heart appliques before but gave it away.
This year I made one to keep at our house and to celebrate Paloma's engagement. I finished the binding on Friday the 13th. Nothing like last minute details!

Hurry Up!

Mini Hearts and my Tonye Phillips mini baskets too
I am stacking up new projects like a squirrel in winter. I have some sewing to do for the wedding (let's say 25 table squares to start with...oh!)

 I just joined Homestead Hearth's Stonefield's Block of the Month.

  Designed by Susan Smith it is a lovely quilt and the simple shapes with so much joy to them really make me happy. Here is a photo of the designer giving a workshop in the Netherlands.

Susan Smith 

Please take a look at cazwa.blogspot.com for more on this special lady. You can also check instagram #stonefields for many other already in progress quilts. I may be a bit late to the craze but I am excited to get started.

Have a good rest of the month everyone!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Heart You Gals

Happy February 2015! Yes, I do heart you gals and I have been thinking of updating this journal of my sewing and family for weeks!

I sometimes think the newer ways of communicating with Instagram and Facebook have become so easy to do and Blogger seems, well, harder for someone that doesn't know how to manage her photos from her phone and ipad and desktop. So as I learn these things I will be happy to update more often. I need a lovely assistant. Heehee. 

Chevron and On Pattern

I made a darling baby quilt for my first project of 2015. A student of mine from the library wanted a quilt for her best friend's new baby. We picked out fabrics together for Miss Nisa Bee and of course Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine of Art Gallery Fabrics was perfect.  I added some Cloud 9 organic voile from my stash, and the lovely solid soft white is Robert Kaufman's Ultra Cotton Sateen. It's called Chevron and On and I downloaded it here from Quilty.   Has a houndstooth look to it but so much more modern!

Here is the sweet Nisa Bee enjoying her new quilt and her little dollie quilt to go with it.  

sweet as honey alright!

Seriously, she loves the quilt!

Quilted with a bumble bee pattern from Urban Elementz to finish up!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Swoon TWO WooHoo!

Gals, I have been having a great Fall and have been sewing and puttering around the sewing room as much as I am able with working and the holidays. Sewing and quilting and well I have to admit it, fabric purchasing is really just the best therapy for a happy life especially when you add in a sweet husband, two lovely daughters and a little grandson. Thanksgiving was super nice at our house and we gathered under the Ginko Tree for a photo to share.

The big news is I am retiring April 1st! It is in the works at lleast,  as the State of California likes you to give them 90 days notice. I believe that the lst of April is just the perfect day to start the rest of my life, and I don't think it's foolish at all! Special Collections has been a dream job most days and I'll miss the treasures of rare books, photographs and the wonderful people I have met. But life does go on!

In Sewing News, my small group The Material Girls always do a blocks for someone's BIG birthday and mine happened to be number 6-0. They must have wondered what I was up to with a block that was 22 inches in diameter. They were really good sports to do me such an honor!
my Material Girls ca 2012
. It is as you know the second Swoon in my life as I made one that tested my patience awhile back :) This one was so much easier. I chose Anna Maria Horner prints for the focus fabrics and prints from V. and Company and Thimbleblossoms for the secondary prints. The background is called Platinum Quilter's Canvas by Michael Miller. I used the most beautiful Anna Maria Horner voile for the back! Be still my heart the quilt is so beautiful!

Swoon Two !!
In process!

beautiful patterns!

look at the Bees in the inner triangles

pea pods!

Look at that backing! 

And LOOK at the gorgeous quilting by the talented Jo of Moonbear Quilting in Chico. We chose the beautiful "viking" violet thread by Glide and it sure sings on that platinum background as well as blends nicely with the other fabrics. I think this quilt actually glows! Look at those colors! My humble thanks to the lovely fabric designers and of course Miss Swoon herself!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Fall Post and a Wee bit of Scotland

Dearest Gals, I have finally gotten ahead of my busy life to post a little bit of how my summer went. Lots of sewing projects, sew dates with friends, along with family weddings, and a big vacation to Scotland and Ireland! I didn't really document my self this summer as well as I would have like to. Sometimes it just happens and as I read along on your blogs, I am glad to see that mostly things have been good for you all.

Here's a look at one of the darling quilt shops I visited in Edinburgh, My Bearpaw.
A John Ruskin quote in cloth

super adorable stitching
familiar fabrics 
Jane of My Bearpaw
super fun quilt class
Bearpaw Classes
 Scotland. It was tucked into a neighborhood and took us about 30 minutes walking in the rain but we found it! Lovely Jane greeted us and it felt like I could just sit down and get to sewing. The quilt behind Jane is from last year and each person that participated in each individual block, used it as their "ticket" to enter the modern quilt retreat. Great idea and so many different approaches. Check them out!!

I am back at work and after 4 months off it is a bit of a shock. I find I love puttering around in the mornings at home and gardening and making a really good dinner. All of that kind of goes away when the focus is on clean hair, nice clothes and 8:30 a.m. The good hours of creativity and peace and quiet just don't happen for me after dinner time. Chime in here with how good retirement is and I may put that paperwork in sooner than next May!

I have alot of on-going projects, but this one is wanting me to order out for dinner and take a nap. That would be a Catnap, as this darling fabric is by Lizzie House and named the same. The pattern is Meow by Aneela Hoey. I pet this fabric each morning and one day soon I'll call in well and get it started. I think between Lizzie and Aneela it will be one of my favorite quilts ever.

My fall project awaits me!

All matched up and ready to go!
That being said, Pacific International is next week! It is such a huge and vibrant show and for the first time in 5 years I am going. So I can imagine some creative energy will come back with me. If you are still reading thank you! I miss by bloggy friends and hope I can keep up a bit more this fall. xoxo Pam