Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Make that Happy Birthday, Carmen!

Photos of my dear daughter Carmen and my dear husband, Mike both taken this morning. Aren't the roses a nice birthday touch from dear old Dad?

Today is my sweetie girl's 19th birthday! Isn't it the oddest feeling to have your children grow up? I mean, to be adults? Wow, I still see a young child sometimes...and I know that is frustrating for her. Carmen is a wonderful person if I do say so myself! 19 years on the planet...not very long for all that she must be responsible for. Cupcakes were the item of the day, and new clothes from American Eagle, and a mirror. .. with a quotation reading "Imagination is the eye of the soul". Wow, now we are getting heavy! Anyway, birthdays are my favorite, so here's to you sweetie girl! Love, Momma and Dad

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