Saturday, July 26, 2008

Across the Universe,,,Almost!

Since I last posted, I feel like I have been on a very extended vacation...and I have! I left Sisters and flew to Seattle to be with my dear friend Jane and her family for a week.

Jane picked me up and we managed to do an amazing array of outings and projects and visits during my stay. We have been friends for more than 30 years, having met in Chico in the late 70s. Woah. That is an amazing statistic! Here is what she had waiting for me for dinner that night a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! So sweet and tart at the same time. I now have this recipe so I may make one this summer too.
Among the highlights of our time together were visits to Vancouver, BC (which is a huge place, let me tell you, I had no idea it was that huge or sophisticated!)

We also went to La Conner which is a darling town on the water in the Skagit Valley where the tulips grow. We were delighted to see the opening day of the Path to Edo show at the La Conner Quilt Museum.

Check out these images for mind blowing detail and silk kimono fabric quilts.

OMG, they were amazing. And then a whole floor of Sashiko.

At La Conner we also visited our favorite bakery the Calico Cupboard.

A zillion years ago, on July 4th, Jane and I drove calmly over to La Conner from Bellingham on the morning of her wedding to Michael Jansen. We picked up a beautiful carrot cake and delivered it to their home. A wonderful memory and fabulous cake!

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