Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Carmen is On Her Way

We took Carmen Cristina and Kenya to Sacramento to fly off to New York to catch their flight to Madrid last night...they look so cute! Carmen has been to Spain before with a small group in her junior year of high school. This time it is to study at the Colegio Mayor Mara in Ciudad Univeristria in Madrid, Spain. She will be there one month. During that time, they will also have a short trip over to Lisbon, Portugal. On the way home, they stay in Paris for 4 days! Wow...I am envious! Have fun sweetie girl! love, Momma

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  1. My GC#1 just returned from Paris and London. Hope they have fun.

    Saw your note about string quilts on another blog .... since I didn't see an email address for you I'll post here in comments.

    STRINGS ... we LOVE them.

    Check out:

    My most favorite one that I've made so far

    Looking forward to more strings on your blog.