Friday, August 15, 2008

Final Friday of My Summer Vacation!

Hard to believe that 10 weeks of summer have passed by! Carmen went to Spain, we went to Oregon, I went to Washington and Canada and to a quilt retreat in Chico. Where did you go? I feel so very lucky to have had all this fun! Now back to work and let's keep the party going. I was outside picking flowers for my table this morning and waiting to see if I could spy a praying mantis on the dahlias...which I usually can if I am thinking of my mother. (Really) and surprise, instead there was a beautiful swallowtail butterfly among the sunflowers. I raced inside to grab the camera, and thanked my mother for a treat in yellow.


  1. Have fun getting back to work. I followed your link from the Bernina group. Enjoy the new machine! I am usually a librarian, but I am currently a stay at home mom!!

  2. Hi Pam! Loved your Henry Glass post and they will too! And the butterfly on your blog is so pretty. What an interesting job you have! Your summer looked like so much fun!