Monday, August 4, 2008

On a Roll

Not to get too excited, but I have been making progress on getting projects ready to sew! The Bento Box is all cut, the Kaffe Fasset fabric version of Vintage Hour Glass

is ready to sew, and today in the mail came my August indulgence, a Jelly Roll from England that is the very one shown on the cover of Jelly Roll Quilts!

The fabric is varied but a lot of it is Anna Griffin. Wonderful classy fabrics.

The pattern I will make is called Friendship Braid. I am hoping for Lizzie to do this quilt with me. She is the one that got me going on this fabulous book. Truly, it has alot of great ideas. So let's plan a sewing day...Hint hint! The British shop is called The Quilt Room, and I tell you, it was mailed and here lickitty split! Less than five days! I wonder how long it will take me to make it? Smile... So in this warm Chico weather, I hope to continue to get a little exercise in the mornings and cut away in the afternoons. Much too soon work will be the main focus of my day. Awww...

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  1. Pammy,

    Sewing day is a go! Can't wait to see that fabric! All we need is the correct ruler for that pattern and we can whip right through it. Lizzie