Friday, August 15, 2008

A Weekend Retreat

Arriving on Friday afternoon and continuing right on through Sunday afternoon, 35 of us were the ladies of Richardson Springs with our fab hostess Cindy Needham. Many women marked quilts with wonderful patterns and took to machine quilting gorgeous tops that had many hours in them already. Some ladies were marking vintage linens to quilt to fabric and give them new life as quilts, table runners, etc.
This is Cindy's wonderful invention! She has a book entitled, Whole Cloth Linen Quilts published by the American Quilt Society.

Here are a few views of the classroom and projects.

Another unexpected treat was the incredible workmanship of Penny Tucker of the SF Bay Area. She happened to be sitting facing me and was working on a piece of applique that was green and red. My favorite quilt colors and so loved by the quilters of long ago. I introduced myself and ooed and awed over her project. She turns out to be just as lovely as her work...kind spirited, intelligent and all around great gal. Who happened to have a recent birthday we helped to celebrate (and eat delicious cake provided by Cindy from the Upper Crust!)

She is a teacher of applique at Prairie Queens and a board member of the American Quilt Study Group. It turns out that we had alot more in common than just arriving at the same retreat. Years ago (23 years ago in fact) I had a hand in organizing the Butte County portion of the California Heritage Quilt Project. The Project was formed to study and record the history of California quilts and quilt makers. Penny is a part of the historical quilt study community and knows personally all the wonderful people that keep this research going forward. Barbara Brackman, Terry Thompson, Sandi Fox, Julie Silber, and more...I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet Penny and also equally talented, Pam Crooks her traveling and quilting buddy. I will post more when I have time to show you what is happening in the special world of quilt history.

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