Monday, September 1, 2008

I am Now a Bernina Girl

It's official! I now have the Bernina 430 and it is such a blast to sew on. Just a breeze right from the start! Although Miss Bee is used, she is highly adoptable! I haven't done much yet with the BSR (it's an attachment foot that helps with free motion) I did regular free motion on the table runner below, and it was great.

This was a Lonni Rossi Panel and I cut it apart and sewed back together some of the fabric elements. I used the bold stripe but cut it apart and sewed dupioni silk with it. I made 4 patch blocks and then a narrow piece to add color and balance to the other side. Backed with swirly black batik, and binding of the same.

This bundle is my birthday present to myself. It has 50 fat quarters and I am turning 55 so I guess I get to buy 5 more! It is a beauty called Peace on Earth. I plan to make Anne Sutton's Market Baskets with it. Wish me luck! The cool thing about this fabric is the multiple designs...maps, dots, berries,'s all there! Fabulous design by Three Sisters for Moda.


  1. OH!

    Can you see the green glow thru the computer screen? It's ME glowing with jealously. I want a Bernie sooooo bad! Maybe when I turn 55…. Or maybe when I turn 51- no – that’s just next month. Maybe 52. I want to be a Bernina Girl toooooo.

    Your wall quilt is great too! Oh you are in for so much fun and experimenting!!!

    Lucky you!

  2. ...and BTW... you look great for 55!!!

  3. I know about the jealousy..HA...once I sewed on that Bernina 4 weeks ago at the quilting retreat, I KNEW I had to get one and I did by selling my Janome 6500 and the Jem Platinum I used to take to classes to buy her! I found her used online through Craigslist in Virginia no less. It was a chance but it turned out great. You will get to be a Bernina Girl soon, I can just feel it! How is dear little Annie? (and thanks for the lookin good comment...some days..not so good, but most days, ok! Hey! I don't know where the time went, but here we are in our WAY!! Still above ground :) Pam in Chico

  4. Hi Again,
    Sleepy Annie is doing well - I posted another update yesterday.

    I didn't think of checking Craig's list... I'll have to do that!

    Smiles, Cat

  5. Congratulations. :-) Mine is back and seems to be working well. Fingers crossed.

  6. Great quilts. I remember quilts as a kid growing up in the 1950s, but rarely see them these days. Thanks for keeping up the artistic tradition. Nice work. I came across your blog while blog surfing using the “next blog” button on the Nav Bar of I am continually fascinated by the types of blogs that exist on the Internet, and the various, creative ways in which people all over the globe express themselves. Thanks for sharing.

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