Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dollies and Dresses

The first thing I ever sewed in my life was a dolly dress. True, it was for Barbie, but it was my first attempt with cloth and thread. Funny thing was, I used a chocolate brown face cloth, and a denim patch (the kind you iron on) for the decoration. Call me an early fuser!! I still own this little dress and come across it now and then in my treasure box.

I was thrilled when I came across A Dozen Designer Dollie Dresses shown at Just an adorable use of some of the sweetest fabrics available. do you just squeal when you see cute fabric...well this is a squeal fest!

I want to share with you all a few pages of a dear vintage book, circa 1908, that my friend Sam gave to me last spring. More precious than that gift, is the inscription inside the cover ...written by Opal herself.

Sam's mother, Opal, died several years ago, and since, he has given me some very wonderful possessions of hers. (including a silk yo yo quilt that made me break down and cry when he brought it to me). Sam's parents, Opal and Archie lived in a small town north of Chico called Dairyville. She was a elementary school teacher. Opal loved dolls, art glass, and just about anything with stitching on it. My little book, (which seems magically renewed with the Dollie dresses! ) is written to young girls, and begins with "general sewing hints" and goes on with chapters like "the infant outfit", "the party dress", "Dolly's street clothes", "Dolly's apron" (love this one!), and of course, "Dolly's nightgown". Exotic chapters include "Dolly's Kimono" and "The Red Riding Hood Costume" "A Pierrot Costume", "A Japanese Dress" all nicely illustrated. Enjoy!


  1. What a delightful little book! Just in time for our little doll dress fun! I love vintage books. They are the best. Thanks for sharing!