Monday, October 13, 2008

I Heart Eleanor Burns!

You know I truly admire and love Eleanor Burns. Her story is so inspirational and her success is astounding. Even better? She has made so many improvements in the quilting world and in my ability to make quilting elements like the flying geese around my Dozens of Baskets quilt. If you have never used a flying geese ruler, you'll be amazed. There are several sizes of these rulers to accomodate various needs. I used the mini set this time.

I may be the last person on the planet to have discovered this fabulous ruler, but I just had to share it anyway. Here are some photos of my progress. Don't know why the photo quality is so wonky, but you get the idea. Literally, it is just two squares of fabric that magically become triangles...and you end up with this cockeyed square below...but never fear, that is when the ruler becomes your best friend and it helps you square up and trim to a perfect goose or my case a gaggle of geese for my faux "prairie point" border. I used some traditional Judie Rothermel fabric with some of Alex Anderson's "Alexandra" fabric for contrast. The little extra polka dots just do the trick for me!

Have a good day friends! Pam in Chico


  1. Pammy,

    The border looks wonderful!

  2. I "heart" Eleanor Burns too. She has a lot to answer for because before I saw her show I thought quilting was as sensible as parachuting (jumping out of a perfectly good plane!)...why would one cut up fabric only to sew it back together again! I leant so much from her shows and it was the start of my madness with quilting!