Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life is Tough

Lizzie may be the only blogger that knows I had a crummy thing happen at work Friday. I was in a hurry to get to and from lunch because we are short staffed at the library. I went on my merry way to a tuna sandwich when BAM I ran smack into an open map drawer directly at my forehead level. OMG that hurt so bad! Ouch! Oh dear, oh my, how did that happen?

You know when you are used to a path being at home or work, you just don't think about stuff like open map drawers, cupboards, etc. And when they jump out and bite you, ah, you explode with pain and expletives. One of the student employees said, "wow, that was loud" and I wondered later did she mean the blow or the swearing? Ha! A map drawer is just like a a file cabinet in it's strength but you know, longer and flatter. I backed away and really had a big ol' knot on my forehead and cuts and my nose was whacked and my glasses were askew. Geez, it was like a car accident right in the rare book aisle. So, a little ice, a trip to the ER and a day or so later, I might be okay to attempt that sewing I want to do.
So my friends, take it from me, and look up and watch where you are headed (no pun intended :) The silver lining you ask? At least it wasn't the map drawer located down a mere 3 inches and my head took the hit while all my teeth are still intact! (hate to even think about that one!)


  1. Ouch...that sounds positively painful! I hope you make a quick recovery and that the cuts heal soon.

  2. Ohhhhh, ouch. Concussion? Hope not! Bruised up? Ouch ouch ouch. And more OUCH! Take care!