Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Nice to Meet You" my Final Exam Chicago School of Fusing!

It's been a long week, I had my sewing day on Monday which was great, the windows washed, my community book group, my monthly hair appointment, Christmas Room opening at our wonderful local store Grace, Jr., campus bench dedication for our friend Paul Persons, and today Carmen sings rock and roll in the downtown plaza at 4pm, and after that Linda Ronstadt at Laxson Auditorium on campus tonight! Oh, yeah, and work too. This morning and into the afternoon, I focused on my Laura Wasilowski project that was started in the class last week. TaDa, it is finished!

While I need some stitching practice to make it more tidy, it is happy and colorful. Why is it called Nice to Meet You? See the two little blue flowers facing each other? That was all just by chance and seemed so appropriate! The best secret part? My Chicago School of Fusing Badge is appropriately fused onto the back. Come by and see it for yourself!
Tomorrow is the day of rest, and I am gonna take it! Have a good fall weekend everyone!


  1. Pam this is so beautiful!!!! I love the flowers and the colors! And you photographed it very creatively too... it's neat how the shadows of other flowers are on it. Beautiful garden quilt!

    If this is your first attempt - watch out world!

  2. Congratulations upon your graduation from the Chicago School of Fusing! And thank you for taking my class.

  3. Pammy,

    The quilt looks great! congrats