Monday, October 27, 2008

Red and Blue and Denyse Schmidt Too

If you haven't seen Denyse Schmidt's fundraising quilt for Barack Obama, take a look here.
It is really a cool one.

Maybe if I win, I'll donate it to the Smithsonian! Have a good week everyone, it's gonna be busy around the old Meadow Road homestead. We are having our kitchen and dining room plans finalized this week and I am holding my breath for the $ estimate. It is funny how everyone in the process ups the ante when you start with modest choices.

Suddenly I am getting estimates for granite? No no no...I want to stay married! I need laminate!! Or at least corian...what does anyone thing about corian anyway. Well, take care and maybe talk to you later this week, Pam p.s. I am so sad about Jennifer Hudson's family--just had to add that...she is such a talented and fun gal and now this for her...I send my prayers her way.

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  1. Hello, Pam!
    I'm visiting your blog for the first time through a comment link on Sister's Choice. "Chico" caught my eye with a zing! I am up the road a couple miles in Redding. Neighbors! I browsed back aways in your posts and enjoyed getting acquainted. I'll be back to visit. BTW...I am a reader, no blog at this time.