Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sun & Rain Yes & No

Well, I just went to Dad's to visit, and right up next to his street was this beautiful view of Bidwell Park, in Chico where I live. Isn't this colorful and energetic? Love it!
We were supposed to have lots of rain today, but turned out to be only a bit. Last evening though was a wonderful full-on rain shower! It was just magical to feel that moisture after such a miserable summer. Flannel jammies, slippers and snuggly animals made the evening homey. My DH in his favorite chair reading added to the truly cozy first rain!

Tomorrow a "Work in Progress" day with Goldie at Honey Run. I am so looking forward to 6 hours of sewing! I am starting a retirement quilt for a wonderful gal at the library who will be riding off into the sunset this December. I had thought she would like a floral quilt. Wrong. I was informed that I should "Think Ikea". Whoa, I was really in the wrong mode! So I got busy and made a couple different examples.

The chrysanthemums fabric by Art Gallery Quilts "Feelings Collection" was not felt to be what she would like, but the bold daisies known as "Mocha Meringue" by Marcus Bros. are in. Both examples have dupioni silk centers. I like to fuse it to form flex because it is so lightweight and keeps it from unraveling.

Stay tuned! The quilt will be Posh Tot. If any of you have made the very simple pattern that it is, I know you had a blast with the directions *smiles* but now that I have rewritten them, all is well and it is a pattern that is sophisticated and fun to make. I will make both of these quilts as they are easy. I will probably find a good home for the reject (ah) and be happy that it is all finished up when the time comes for a quilty present. Have a good Sunday friends. Bye for now.

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