Thursday, November 27, 2008

Always a Blessing

Thanksgiving with friends and family is always a blessing. Yes, it can be stressful but how lucky we are to have that kind of "difficulty" to buy tons of food, cook it in our nice homes, and then share it happily with each other. More than lucky...blessed. Today I went over early to Dad's and watched the Macy's Parade for awhile and we watched Smurfs and Snoopy and the zillions of youthful entertainers prance around NYC. Love it. Just can't get enough of those silly events. Love the Rose Parade too. I grew up going to it almost every year. Later today we go to Joanne and Dave's for our families gathering. I am getting excited for turkey and gravy...yum. And pie and of course homemade noodles that I have always made since my grandmother taught me about 40 years ago. Mike and I went on a bike ride through the avenues which are so pretty this time of year with the trees turning. No cars as all the students are mostly gone home. Very peaceful...and warm even. I think it's going to be 68 today. Crazy for November. Come on and Rain!!

I finished the binding on my Dozens of Baskets table quilt which I made from civil war era prints and backed with a very busy but pretty paisley stripe. The little flying geese weren't on the original pattern, but I thought they looked cute. Machine quilted it on my Bernina and did stitch in the ditch around all the baskets with invisible thread. I had been intimidated by it for years, but went for it and it worked great. I used YSL brand and used Bottom Line in the bobbin. For the quilting I used the Bottom Line in both top and bottom. I want to practice more so that I can know what I am doing while free motioning. This one is just a bunch of loops and etc. But I can see a day when I get more calculated about the whole process. It's really fun.

So here is my little basket beauty. Finished just in time for placement in the center of our dining room table.
Love to you and yours.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I love paisleys... so of course I like this border lots!

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Love the quilt.

  3. Your basket quilt looks wonderful - a great way to dress up a table.