Monday, November 17, 2008

Polka Dot Progress

I spent today at Honey Run with my sewing group. A beautiful day--almost too nice for this time of year. I cut out all my little triangles and sewed em this is a view of what I accomplished so far. I have an outside border and alot of prairie points to go...I haven't done pp before so anything can happen and probably will. Any wise advice out there? I did end up using different polka dots both for the background and the edge. Once I got all the reds cut out, it was just too cream and not bright white like the beautiful polka dots Lizzie brought me. They will have to go into something else where they can shine. The green and large white dot fabric is called Happy Go Retro...and I have had it for a couple years...what a cute name and the green is perfect for the retro Wee Play fabrics. Stay tuned, maybe I'll finish it before Christmas! Have a good week.


  1. pammy,

    What a darling quilt. It will be so cute! Can't wait to see the finished product! Lizzie

  2. Great for Christmas!! Love those polka dots! I wonder where they got the name polka? From the dance?

    You've got a lot done on this... and no, no advice from me... I don't know what prairie points are....but I will tune back in to find out later!

    :) C

  3. This is coming along quite nicely. You certainly will be prepared for Christmas.