Thursday, December 4, 2008

Purse Criteria

Do you have purse criteria? Or pocketbook criteria as my grandmother would say? Well I definitely do. It goes as follows: MUST be able to sit up by itself. (no flopping over if at all possible. This may come from my fear of my children's heads flopping around when infants...scary!) on to number two. MUST have long enough handles to easily be tossed onto a shoulder (no carrying purses by the handles, ewww) The last criteria is an easily accessible reach in. I love the idea of almost a doctor's bag. You can see everything at one digging around.
And finally, it should be a cool color or fabric. What is fascinating about this criteria to me is that it's a no brainer really. Although I believe some purses are just darn cute or gorgeous in their own right, it makes sense that they also behave like a purse. I don't like "organizer" purses although they are tempting. I would probably put it all in nicely ONCE and then struggle with it for months and have guilty thoughts about not using the key pocket or some such thing. I know, this is not the most important topic of the day, but to me it keeps me happy when my stuff is happy. Most wonderfully, this past Monday when walking through the mall to get to my car, I happened by the Fossil Purses. Green ones, blue ones...nice colors...and there it was the green bag from heaven.
Funny thing was the sales lady said, "oh, don't get THAT color"..."get the blue"...and that's when I knew I wanted THAT color...a lovely shade of apple green. Last springs' markdown. Heaven!


  1. My criteria is that it be so small that I can only fit a teeny bit in otherwise it becomes a black hole.

    Nice apple green by the way.

    Smiles, C