Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopping Trip

Since I have become fascinated by circles I decided to try to use the circle cutter I bought at Michael's awhile back. I am not the sharpest cookie sometimes so I had trouble using it and took it back on Monday to see if they could show me. Duh. The girl says, oh you can take a look on YouTube for a tutorial of the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter. Hmmm. Will Do. Got home and googled it. Yep. Now I see how to do it. Hooray! While I was at Michael's however, I found the cutest non fabric items I have seen in a long while. I do not do scrapbooking, but wow, I had to have these just to hold or glue onto something, sometime, somewhere. Especially the flocked red stickers. I am such a cheap date. This stuff makes me entirely blissful!!


  1. I understand completely. Actually, my collection of paper products is beginning to rival my collection of sewing-related products. Why? I have no idea whatsoever. Because they keep making cute stuff like that.

  2. Ah ha! A circle cutter! Does it cut fabric too or just paper?

    I think I should have time to stitch around the circle today!! We are going to SLC to meet a friends new baby this afternoon...

    Have fun with your paper supplies!

    Thanks again!

  3. Your funny, that's how I am. I dont scrapbook but that doesnt mean I cant stock up on pretty supplies right? Love your things you found.