Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have also been reading

As I was whisking through the house appearing to clean up, I saw my stack of books and etc. and though I would share what I have been reading the last couple weeks or more. Two new quilting books, Material Obsessions and Quilting in No Time are fresh and bright and inspiring. I bought an out of print book at the Yuba City Quilt Show "Hearts and Hands" about woman and quilt history, Shadow Country and the Soloist are just fantastic books. The Soloist by Steve Lopez is a fast read and it really tugs at your heart. Shadow Country is dense and incredible and slow going but worth it. A few fun magazines to keep up on the world and a pruning book to figure out what I have been doing right and wrong along those lines...And if you notice, a travel guide to Charleston, South Carolina...what for you say? Carmen my dear daughter has been accepted to go their next school year on the National Student Exchange. She will be at the College of Charleston which is one of the oldest schools in the nation and is right in the middle of Charleston. She will be too far away that is for sure, but what an opportunity. Mike and Carmen and I will head there in early June to check it all out. Wonder if they have quilt shops? I know for sure they have "She-Crab Soup" and "Fried Green Tomatoes"...yummy

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  1. Wow - good for Carmen, but you'll but sad without her nearby.