Sunday, March 29, 2009

Iron Cozy

I have been traveling back and forth to classes now for several years, and every time I need to pack up, I find I have a bit of a problem figuring out what to do with my hot iron. I usually bring a small rowenta iron and my own pressing surface and I have been known to bring my larger iron. Awhile back I decided a heavy duty paper plate (chinet) could be folded in half and the iron could rest on that inside whatever bag I had brought that day or inside the front pocket of my sewing machine case. I ran across some quilted heat resistant fabric and decided it was time to make a bag to carry those hot items. I fused red ticking to the back side of the quilted fabric, and then I made it into a bag. I have never made a bag so forgive the crude nature of the seams etc. It was really thick by the time I had all those layers together...but my walking foot and a little larger stitch length seemed to do the trick. I sewed a little goose onto the front that I had from a postcard exchange...and I added a handle because Mike said "that needs a handle don't you think?" What do you think? What else could we do to make this even better...I know great minds think alike so please add your comments!


  1. Looks good to me and very practical, too!

  2. Excellent idea!!! I have the travel rowenta, too, and it gets so hot!!

  3. What a neat idea! And it's great looking too!