Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring in Chico is Pink and White

It has been a rainy week and the wind is blowing like nobody's business right now. Chico is beautiful in the spring. We may not have many blossoms if it continues to rain like this, so when I was taking a walk last Monday, I saved them in photos for you to see.


  1. Hi, Chico Neighbor!
    Beautiful photos! Many of our blooms are gone up here in Redding...those that are/were left...we just had a ferocious thunder/wind storm this evening. My poor daffs are probably pounded into the ground. BUT, I am thankful for the rain. And I like the sound of a good rumbling round of thunder, too. (Especially when accompanied by rain to prevent any wild fires.)

  2. How pretty!!! Looks like Spring is in the air. It's raining here tonight in So. Ca.

  3. It looks like you are at least a good month ahead of us for Spring time! Lucky you!!!

    I'm starting to see a few little greens poking their heads up thru the winter rubbish.

    Your pictures are so pretty!