Monday, March 23, 2009

We Meet Again

Saturday I went to the Yuba City Quilt show. My dear friend Marilyn joined me there. We have a long quilt history together. In 1982 we decided to do a fundraiser for the Sacramento Valley Museum...a Quilt Show...and neither of us had ever done so before. We rallied the volunteers and the quilts came out of trunks and the museum for a spectacular display. In 1985, The California Heritage Quilt Project came to Chico and that day we registered over 300 quilts for the county of Butte. I hadn't made a quilt really at that point in my life. Oh maybe a patchwork one that was tied together for a friend...but not a real pattern or with true quilting. But I loved quilts. Here is Marilyn in front of a wonderful quilt called I left my heart in San Francisco by Valerie Wilson. 


  1. Great story and picture. Love the pics from the big bday party too.

  2. I love that quilt and your friend looks very nice.