Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christmas in May

My friend Lizzie (who by the way has a friend who is actually an ELF, well she's my friend too, but I digress) decided to let me have my own special holiday yesterday and gave me the sweetest presents. Christmas in May! A beautiful bird pin with cherries, a wire twist of a heart, and a hand made selvedge coaster and a fabulous postcard with the funny fruit butt fabrics, handmade of course! There were also three other gifts...a bowl, a box of teething bisquits for lil Red, and a fabulous eyeglass holder thingy for your desk made with faux fur...which we like to call "foofer" ...I had to wipe those tears of happiness away but those are the best kind. Makes a gal want to go to work when you have a friend who is as good as it the best!  


  1. You know I'm going to need to know about that pin my dear!

  2. laughing! I love the butt shot picture! That is great!

    All good - very unique idea to use only the selvedges!