Monday, May 25, 2009

My Sewing Room is All Finished!

My new quilt ladder made by my Dear Dad...
Labels on the fabric projects...WOW!!

Original Watercolor by Chico artist Ann Pierce
Bunny Wool applique by me

New bird prints!
My Shining Sunflower and my latest table runner on my new design wall...
Dear Bernina

The Fam  and lots of books
Today I put the curtains back up and it's all ready to sew! Here are all the photos I could take from every angle. I love my sewing room and it probably won't be this clean again for a long while, so enjoy! Only thing missing...the gal in the red chair sewing and the little white dog on his pillow. Since it's Memorial Day I am making a big bbq for my maybe some sewing tomorrow! Happy Days friends, Pam


  1. Fabulous, Pam! You wanna come up here and do mine? LOL

  2. Wow, Pammy your room looks great!

  3. I'm totally wowed by your sewing room! You did a fantastic job of organizing and displaying!

    I'm glad you liked the stitched pictures!

    Stay cool!

  4. The room looks great. I'm jealous. Now, get going on those projects!!

  5. Wow you are so organized! Great for quilting :-)

  6. Goodness! I want to come and play in your sewing room! I have to go now - must clean mine! What an inspiration.

  7. I know this is alittle late, but just wanted to say how much I liked your room redo! It's wonderful! Lots of personal touches to make it homely and a joy to be in. THat's what I envision for my room too...haven't progressed too far, but I hope to get to your point. Enjoy!