Friday, May 15, 2009

Wish Me Luck

Today it starts.  (Friday Night NOTE) The painter guy isn't coming until Monday now...but everything is in the hallway and the living room...oh well, at least my part is done...I have to move my entire sewing room including the closet (OMG) so that the painter guy can do his thing. I feel your pain Sharon in a very tiny way compared to your move...but I can't believe all the piles that are going to fill my living room. I hope I find the golden idol with the ruby know...the treasure that I hid in that pile of a room long long ago...until next week...your gal Pam 


  1. Oh wow! I just spent yesterday organizing just a tiny bit of my sewing room and was pooped. A very good luck to you but the results will be worth it, I am sure.

  2. Looks highly organized!

    I don't have the ambition left-over from everything else to organize!

  3. I too just painted my sewing room (except for the ceiling...was hoping hubby would help with that :P). My stuff was all down the hallways and into the next guest room. It still is there, as I only want to bring back everything in an organized manner. Hope it doesn't take me forever...I tend to put off stuff like this!!! but the house is so messy, it is driving me nuts!