Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Charleston Was Truly Fine

Home from Charleston and had a whirlwind of a time. We found Carmen a nice spot to live, toured the beautiful and innovative campus, and ate our way through the town! Delicious shrimp and crab cakes...grit cakes, Palmetto Pale Ale (made in Charleston!) and banana cream pie. I am sure I gained my traditional 5-7 pounds in 2 day holiday type stuff yourself silly style. Truly worth it.  It was a very quick trip but we did alot. The antebellum houses are amazing to say the least. Wrap around porches, beautiful columns, old statuary. The last morning we went to the Magnolia Plantation along the Ashley River. Charleston is unusual as it is urban as well as rural on the outskirts. Having the beach so close and also the beauty of the wetlands. Carmen will be happy there! No doubt we will go back! 
The Battery where the Antebellum Homes are plentiful
Carriage Ride that we didn't take but wish we could have
Arm in Arm...Dad and Daughter...down the street where she will live.
Bountiful baskets made of Sweetgrass.

 Shem Creek home of Forrest Gump.

I found a great quilt shop around the corner from our hotel. Lucky me. The ladies were so very nice and told me some good directions to the basket festival and a good place to eat on Shem Creek which we would never have found without them. Quilt People are the best, don't you agree!!

 The beach is nearby and the Atlantic Ocean in S.C. is warm as can be. Shells everywhere too.
wave to the blog gals, Carmen!

The oldest continuous classroom in the Nation is in this building on campus at the College of Charleston. 

Went to a Sweetgrass Basket festival and bought a small basket. They aren't inexpensive, but they are wonderful. The family tradition passes from woman to woman and they generally set up stands along Highway 17 to sell to those driving by. We got lucky to find an entire school yard full of basket makers...alot to choose from. I picked up a sweet basket that I thought would be useful to put sewing tools in. The gal says, well that's an interesting one to choose! It's made by my cousin over there, and she's left handed, so that's a left handed basket. Sold. Since I am left handed that just made my day. Her name is Melany Manigault and she was delightful! Her cousin was a hoot and we really enjoyed them. They are descendants of Mary Jane Manigault who was well known and respected for her baskets. I am so happy to have been lucky enough to stumble across this very local tradition in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina which is only across the bridge from Charleston. I could have easily missed out if it wasn't for the quilt ladies.

 The house below is right where Carmen is pointing. 2 blocks from the center of campus.

Well, College of Charleston, look out...she is on her way August 1st!

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  1. This looks like an absolutly charming place! And your daughter looks charming too! I'm sure they will go together well!