Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On to Charleston

The Charleston Peninsula.

Whew. It has been so busy I can hardly believe it. My brother is on his way home this morning and we are going to pack for Charleston. I wonder what the locals call it? Charlie? Chas...I guess we will find out. Carmen is excited and we are too, but the downside is, the College of Charleston gave her a room assignment with 3 freshman girls in an all girl dorm and the rooms look like little cells about the size of my sewing room for all 4 of them. No way. Been there done that. Bad news bears. So.....why they would think that is okay for a junior who is nearly 20 years old I don't know. So after we peeled her off the ceiling, we have been online hours a day looking for off campus housing. Getting to know craigslist intimately. This is not what we intended to be doing for the four day visit...but trying to spin the positive out of it, we have at least 2 appointments and hope by the time we come home she'll have a roof over her head in August. So Charlie Town, or whatever you are known by, please be good to her and give her a southern welcome and a new home. See you guys next week, and if you know of any Charleston quilt shops.....


  1. Have a wonderful trip and I hope all works out okay for the living arrangements!