Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Liberated Baskets and Stitchin Post Wonders Use your Imagination!

Well, it was a fun time for sure making liberated quilt baskets with Gwenny! Teaching by actually showing us how to sew it...what a concept huh girls? Yes! I liked it! I have finished two baskets this afternoon and set them outside on the grass in front of the cabin to photograph but the internet is on fish time or something here so images won't no pixs sorry! I also finished my Wild Basket binding on the way up here in the truck. Nothing like 7 hours of driving (well, riding) to get er done. Stay tuned for other fabulous shots of the interior of the SP with yours truly smiling with a new haircut to boot. Wish you were all meeting up with me gals. xo Pam in Camp Sherman


  1. Oh, Pammy, I can hardly wait to see your pictures! Have lots-o- fun!

  2. Hope you had a great time in Sisters, Pam. Our daughter's inlaws traveled all the way from IL to attend, and we were sorely tempted. But having just returned home after a month away, we had too much to do around the homestead. Looking forward to your photos.

  3. It is real suspenseful waiting for pictures!

    Love to see those liberated baskets!

    Will check back...