Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lizzie's Quilts at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!

You may know that my dear friend Lizzie started me quilting in the first place. Several years ago I met her when she began working at the library. Her desk was always a cheerful place to stop by. I started noticing the fun little table quilts she made to brighten up her area. Then I saw a really really nice quilt she had made for her best friend's daughter's graduation. I said "could you make one of those for my daughter Paloma who is graduating in May? Nope...but you can make one. Of course I didn't think so...well with her encouragement and my strong desire to have a heirloom present for Lulu, I got myself over to Honey Run and picked out some fabrics. I did it! And even crossed stitched the label (a tradition I should take up again).

So here are Lizzie's two entries to the show, hanging in glory!
I saw the Kaffe Hexagon from a distance and said to Mike, There it is!!

And then the wonderful Cowboy Quilt hanging with it's friends

I truly love you Lizzie and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my true friend!


  1. Fab pics and great stories. THANK YOU!

  2. Oh Pammy, you made me cry. Thank you so much for your kind words and continued friendship and support. Your a gem!

  3. Thanks for the photos, Pam. Lucky you to meet the Gee's Bend ladies!

  4. What fun Sisters was! I wished you'd come on over and joined our group! We meet every year at the Sisters Library just to say 'hi' and then can go our own ways or walk around together. We all loved Freddy and Gwen, Tonye, Jean and Val, and we met up with Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville for a while... but those Gee's Bend ladies won all of our hearts! I managed to take a photo with Lizzy's quilt in it and after she commented on it, I headed on over here for a positive ID on it! Yep! I positively took its photo and I positively think it's great ;) I have more on the show on my blog plus the Gee's Bend ladies singing as they autographed my book. Oh, I dearly loved those ladies!!!

  5. I like your friends quilt with the triangles and octagons, very neat colors!