Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friendly Table Stars

Since I am on a holiday theme, I thought I would tell you about my Friendly Table Stars. Every Christmastime, I make a few of these small quilts and give them to neighbors, friends at work, or someone on my list that I know would like a homemade gift.

It's an easy star to make and gives you a reason to buy all those fun holiday fabrics! Plus the finished star looks really great with a little holiday flower pot in the middle with those cute star points shooting out. The one above is made with
Figgy Pudding by BasicGrey for Moda.

Over the years I have improved on the construction details. Sure, it's just a Sawtooth Star, but it's a friendly one! I started off making them with leftover half square triangles and scraps. My latest rendition uses the Jumbo Quilt in a Day Flying Geese Ruler to really speed up the whole process.

Be sure to clip at the seam intersections to make your geese lay flat and make the top smooth.

At first I just stitched in the ditch and called it good, but after I began feeling a bit more comfortable with free motion quilting, I dared to squiggle around and embellish with thread. Even fun shiny thread. Each time you make a new one, you'll be inspired to try something new.

If you start now, you most certainly will have a starry stack of happiness ready to delight those near and dear!

Friendly Table Star
An easy Sawtooth Star to make for any holiday! Using the Jumbo Quilt in a Day Flying Geese Ruler!
Do you need an easy gift to make for a neighbor, coworker or friend? This project goes together in a snap and can be dressed up as much as you like or as simply as stitched in the ditch.

Fabric Requirements for One 20 inch finished Friendly Table Star

Focus Fabric for Star Center, Star Points & Binding 5/8 yard
Background Fabric for Geese and Corners 1/2 yard
Backing Fabric 5/8 yard
Batting 22 x 22 inches

Before you begin cutting into your Focus Fabric for the Star Center & Point squares, cut 3 strips 2 1/2 inches wide from the Width of Fabric (WOF) for your binding. Now open the remainder of the Focus Fabric into a single layer for cutting the squares

Cut Star Center
from Focus Fabric a square 10 1/2 inches

Cut Corner Stones
from background fabric, four 5 1/2 inch squares

Using The Quilt in a Day Jumbo Ruler makes this project super easy. Follow the easy directions accompanying the ruler.
The following two squares will make all four of your Star Point Sides!
Cut one 13 inch square of the focus fabric
Cut one 11 1/2 inch square of the background fabric

Cut backing square 22 inches
Cut batting square 22 inches

Put it Together!
Once you have your cutting done and have made your Star Points (jumbo geese) then you are ready to sew!

Sew the top and bottom Star Points to the Star Center Square first.
Sew the corner stones to the Side Star Points and sew to the larger unit.
Clip the seams on the reverse at the corners so that your piece will lie flat.
Make your quilt sandwich with batting and backing and quilt as desired.

Stitching in the Ditch will give your Star definition.
Additional quilting will enhance your Focus Fabric.
Use a matching thread or use monofilament if you prefer.

Attach binding, a label and roll up with a festive ribbon and your Friendly Table Star is ready to go.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial. So simple, but very effective, and would make a lovely gift!!

    I just spent yesterday making a Christmas table runner from saw tooth stars (x3) and it turned out really well, but it is going to be too difficult for some of my non-sewing friends to make. (I'm going to run some sewing lessons in our church). Your star mat would be just perfect for them to try out!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!! Ros

  2. Thanks for the cute ideas and how to do it, Pam!

  3. Pam, so cute! What a great and fast holiday gift! See you Wednesday evening. . .

  4. Beautiful star! Your fabric choices are wonderful, the star and the floral stand out so well!

  5. Neat idea. So pretty and simple, simple being the key word these days. Thanks for sharing.