Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Sunscreen Please with a Side of Sombrero

This is not quilting news, but please take a second to read. All summer long I had a tiny place on my nose that just wouldn't heal. My goodness, isn't that one of those SIGNS of the badness? Today I had a procedure that left a quarter sized gouge on the top of my nose. They found very bad little cancer cells all the way to the muscle gals. Really. I hope you have a large brimmed hat and have yourselves checked out every year. If you would like to hear what the Skin Cancer Foundation has to say please go here. The carefree days at the beach when we were young had alot to do with my predicament. Baby oil mixed with the yummy smell of Coppertone was not exactly 45 spf.

For sure my modeling career is over with this newly carved beauty spot, but the good news is I will live to quilt another day!


  1. Oh, I am so sorry. I live in Toronto and have never been much of an outdoor person. I remember by friend's mother saying how pale I looked. I just always preferred sewing, reading and drawing - indoors. I have never regretted it until the doctor told me I am lacking in vitamin B. My levels are below what they should be and so I have to take a supplement. So, I guess there is good and bad in just about everything. I suppose moderation is the key.
    I hope here are no lasting effects. Take care.

  2. Hope you're healing well, Pam, and glad you're rid of those bad cells. Hugs!