Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pams Rock the Radio

Of course you know the fabulous Pam (the other one) known as PamKittyMorning. She and the dear Elizabeth of Late Bloomer are on the road trip of their quilting life to Houston Market.

Oh yeah. Kinda like quilting meets Hunter Thompson. Why I said that I do not know. Maybe more like Travels with Charley... We library types just get these road trip stories in our heads and can't get them out. I hope they buy lots of snow globes. That really makes a trip worthwhile!

So hey, add the link here:

And keep up on all the haps on the Houston Market from those that are at the party. Me and 20 others are in the Happy Zombie tent eating cupcakes and burgers. Come on over and bring the yearbooks!


  1. OMG... look at your new header with the basket quilt. I LOVE IT! I love your basket quilt. LOVE. IT! I'm silly over it. Can I eat a burger under it? xoxo!