Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy 11:11 !!

For years now, I have caught the clock saying 11:11 either in the morning or least a few times per week. We even have a saying at our house Oh it's 11:11! See it in the car, see it on the computer time bar, see it everywhere. I even know of a house nearby that has this address, and I have taken a photo of it. About 4 years ago I hired a young woman at the library, and you guessed it, her birthday is 11:11. And she is a twin! Happy Birthday today gals! Recently, I got my new credit card and the expiration is 11/11. The phone calls on the message machine from my Dad are at 11:11. The cottage cheese date is 11/11. Weird!

It's my little thing.

Apparently not just me. About a month ago I was in Barnes and Noble and thought I'd just look at something more than quilting magazines. As I was walking past the wall of publications, there it was staring back at me-- a magazine called 11:11. No way. I hesitated, then went and picked it up. Here is a magazine dedicated to the meaning and powerfulness of the numbers 11:11 or checkout Facebook's 11:11 page. At the very least, when you see 11:11 make a wish!


  1. :) I always see 10:23 ... that's by birthday!

    Happy 11/11!

  2. you know me and my number sequence games. i try to look out for my birthday and the birthdays of people i love...9:06 Am/Pm for example :) 1234 and 1215 or 252/525 are my other prizes. haha.

  3. 11/11 is my anniversary! So I like to call the hubs, or go give him a kiss if he's home at that time. :) I agree it's a good day.

  4. 11:11 is a major huge thing. As an indication of synchronicity working big time in your's time to feel your power and use it well! In our family we make a wish and send a blessing every time synchronicity strikes 11:11. I did a post on this in 2007...on 11-11, of course ;)