Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost A Post

Hello gals. Well, each day I think of a good story to tell you and then poof...the day shoots by and I don't now that I am back on a decent schedule of work and home (no the remodel is not done yet and I am getting crazed with the contractor and not in a good way :) I am getting ready to go to a great getaway vacay to the northern California coast at Bodega Bay (you know, where they filmed the classic Alfred Hitchcock The Birds) with 4 friends to sew, sew, sew!! I am sorting projects and dreaming up all the finishes I will attempt while there. Almost a week of sewing in a beautiful home near the ocean...who cares if they say it might rain. We are sewing. Hooray! And steering clear of large groups of birds.


  1. That sounds like exactly what you need!

    Have a great time!!! And show us what you make when you get home. :)

  2. One of our nephews got married near BB; it's a pretty place and just perfect for sewing. Rain is good; it keeps you inside to "work!"

  3. Mom! you get so many comments. I'm so jealous. I loved driving through Bodega Bay--such good taffy! :) i miss ya momma!
    lllurve Carmie

  4. Lucky you! Sounds like the perfect escape... makes me want to go to the ocean. Birds or not!

    We are heading South this weekend to try and get some sunshine!

    Enjoy & have fun sewing!