Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funny Thing About Joy

The Real Housewives of Bodega Bay!

Just a couple days worth of scraps and slivers

Our "dining room" table!

Fabulous Coffee

Incredible dessert ala Rochelle...berry shortcake with warm brie in a basalmic reduction omg that was heaven on earth!

Fabric sewn together! WooHoo!
Bali table runner for the new kitchen with a wonderful Aardvark Pattern

Bunny Hill Chelsea Manor in brown with baby blue radiance

On the way back to reality we maneuvered the road closed signs through the countryside

and stopped at the Quilted Angel in Petaluma. Wonderful place and super nice people!

We had lunch Aqus and walked a bit and saw some of the neighborhood.

yummy lunch

cute neighborhood nearby with quilty windows

Then home to our rain filled streams and busy, full lives. Life is good!


  1. sure looks like you had everything you needed!
    great cup of coffee there!

  2. And a good time was had by all.

  3. What fun we had! I am ready to do this twice a year????????????
    Love ya, Marsha

  4. The quilt you made looks like stained glass... I love it!

    What a great little get-away. :)