Friday, February 5, 2010

Liberated Amish Sew Together

Hey Gals, If you are up for a sew together, go on over to Tonya's or to her dedicated blog for Lazy Gals Liberated Amish Sew Together. I am excited to participate and use solids...which are becoming my new favorite collection! Stay tuned for my Liberated Broken Dishes or Liberated Star coming soon! We are getting inspired by Gwenny's newest book:

and Amish Abstractions

the exhibition now showing at the De Young in San Francisco. Why don't we get a group together and go see it? Road Trip!


  1. Wow, pammy that is a great idea to get a group together and go. I would love that especially if I didn't have to drive.

  2. hmmm.... I think that is a good idea indeed. :)

    I've been using more solids lately too... I like the look they give.

  3. The Amish quilts are so beautiful...what an interesting example of artistic community.

  4. You've been having so much fun!
    I'll go check out the links. ~C

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