Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quite a Pile ya got there Missy!

Dad and the boys (Shaggy and Sampson) were over yesterday, and while the pups were running crazy in the backyard with Teddy, my Dad wanted to see what was going on in the sewing room. Well, I had my Charming Squares rows up on the wall (which by the way he put up for me, isn't he a great Dad!) so I showed him the progress.

I had started this quilt at Bodega and have been bound and determined to finish it. I have been plugging away in the early mornings before work...and it's getting closer all the time!

I had just last week mucked out my sewing room and made quite a pile of UFOs. Annie's Star Guild is doing a thing this year that gets those who will fess up to turn in a list of unfinished objects and then bring them in completed to get checked off a list. Supposedly the winner gets a prize. I was all set to do this torture but it rained so hard the last guild night I stayed home in my jammies and didn't go. But I did pile up my lovely undones.

Dear Dad said in his nice deep voice, "that's quite a pile ya got there Missy!!" I thought you bought a quilting machine? Gulp . Yep I sure did but by golly it didn't come with a little elf to finish things up! My Fort mates have been going like crazy. JoAnn has done at least a dozen if not more, Ann is racing to catch her. And Gayle has done about a half dozen or more. Me? Three. Absolutely not acceptable.
Miss Meander above (aka the Handiquilter Fusion) awaits me. I am so looking forward to summer and the two full months off I will have to quilt this pile up! In the meantime I will be adding to the stack!Does this happen to you too?


  1. I just filled 5 totes with my fabric I've got all ready to turn in to projects.

    I so wish I would have discovered quilting before the baby came along. :)

    BUT -- I have 2 now that just need binding and they will be done! hooray!

  2. Oh well, Pam, 3 is much better than none!

  3. Pam - I'll match my pile of UFOs against yours any day! And I don't have a nice big long arm machine to help finish the job! Oh, and I just sorted and selected fabrics to start a new quilt (the owls) today.

  4. Looks like you have your summer cut out for you! That will be exciting to see that same pile all quilted up.

    Shaggy, Sampson, and Dad are all adorable.