Friday, March 26, 2010

Circles all Week Long

Don't you love it when you get inspired from everyday objects to quilt designs? This week I went to the Farmer's Market and saw some wonderful shapes and colors. This was one of them, tiny little mandarins in a wire basket. Then I was looking through Etsy I found this wonderful image of a wagon wheel block quilt and you can purchase the pattern here. Wagon Wheels Pattern by Rangolidesigns

And today at work while cataloging the wonderful historic photographs of our area of California, I came upon this man, Ike Stokes, and the largest handmade wheel I have seen in awhile!
I love circles. They are my favorite shape...whether a fruit, a ring, a polka dot or a quilt piece. Have a good weekend gals!


  1. Are you quilting in circles now?

    That is a gem you found of the quilted wagon wheel!

    Have a beautiful creative day!

  2. Quilting circles can be addictive. Once you start, that's all you'll be doing (just a word of warning).

  3. Hey Gals, I updated by post and found the quilt pattern that went with the photo. It wasn't a blogger it was a wonderful quilt designer and maker "Rangolidesigns" on Etsy. Check her out. Wonderful stuff! xo Pam

  4. Pam,
    Those wheels are very inspiring and your friend Brandie is right. They are addictive!
    Loved visiting your blog!

  5. Are you going to make that quilt? I sure do like the one on your header.