Monday, March 15, 2010

The Fort Gals throw a Party!

The Fort Gals Ann Gayle Pam and Jo Ann

You know our Fort is our home away from sewing room, and we had an open house last weekend. We invited lots of gals that we know to come by and meet Miss Meander, our Handiquilter Fusion long arm machine. A talented and fun bunch of friends showed up and had a go at long arm free motion quilting. Our guest book? Please sign your name in stitches!

Applique and Paper Piecing by Ann, Shabby Chic and Green & Red Scrappy by Jo Ann

Carmen and Marsha our lovely quilt shop owners from up the hill and down in the valley!

Carmen and Carmen. Cute hair gals.

Emily and Carmen meet for the first time since being born on the same day in Chico! Proud Mommas Ronda and Pam not pictured!

Jen says, "Now watch and learn gals"!

Nancy gives it a whirl while Jan gets ready for her turn!

Debbie takes the machine by the horns!

Rocki in the zone!

Cake Stand by Pam

Martha Negley Garden Veggies & Fruit by Gayle.

More of those Liberated Baskets!

Beautiful silk reds, pinks, browns and purples "P.S. I love You" by Jo Ann,
Vintage Hour Glass with Kaffe by Pam

Ricky Tims Convergence Wuthering Heights Garden by Pam

Romantic Rosy by Gayle

Wild Log Cabin in Flea Market Fancy with a hint of American Jane by Pam.

Take a look at our very tidy shelves (one week only!)

Thank you friends for cheering us on!


  1. That looks like such fun... I would love to meet Miss Meander! Oh just to hold on to those handle bars would be a teensy bit like riding my Harley. I’d have to put up a big screen with a movie of riding thru the mountains and I could stitch a lot of curves!

    The quilt are gorgeous and the ladies are happy!

  2. Very nice pammy, sorry I missed the big day. Lizzie

  3. Good party and a great new post. Sure had a good time with you last weekend. Love ya

  4. Pam, it was such a fun afternoon. What a team. . .you gals are great!

  5. Wow!!! You gals have your act seriously together. What a wonderful sewing environment you have created for yourselves. I wish I had something like that down here. Makes me want to move to Chico and put in my appliction! Tee Hee!

  6. Wow, I'm happy for all you girls. Are you going to be doing this as a business, or just for pleasure?