Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tulips for Janie

Hi Janie! Good to see you today at Morning Star. Here's a bunch of tulips of many colors....for you...because you are always so sweet and always are so nice about reading my blog...I appreciate you and send prayers for your husband's improving health. Keep sewing, keep being your creative wonderful self! I took these photos at Ananda a couple weeks ago.
A lovely spiritual center up above Nevada City where the friends I went with "warned me" about how happy everyone was" hahahaha yes they were and lovely too, a terrific day and a connection to positive vibes is always a good thing. With scones, whipped cream, and a great vegetarian lunch as well. They have been many times for retreats and time to reflect for themselves. Nice.

View of the canyon beyond the tulip gardens, and the Yuba River is below. Stunningly beautiful! They even had a quilt in the hallway, good vibes indeed.

love, Pam


  1. Thank you, Pam. You are a doll! My hubby is home from the hospital. We are looking forward to a healthier life with dialysis.

  2. Lovely happy post. You send good vibrations all over the place with this!

  3. Thanks Pam, I enjoyed a wonderful hour reading through your bright and cheery posts. Of course, I should have been quilting or baking as planning an 80th b'day fun filled weekend celebration for my Mom. :o) on to 'making Leeks and Cheddar Mini Quiche Appetizers' to pop in the freezer for the party!
    Then on to quilting my Mom's gift!
    Thanks again for giving me an inspirational start to the day!