Monday, June 7, 2010

The She's Go Progressive!

Gals, it has been nearly one month--no excuses just a lot o' life packed in the last 30 days... Sweet and Sour all at the same time.

My daughter Carmen came home from a year away at school in Charleston, South Carolina and stayed at our house for 3 weeks before moving into her own cute place. Here we are on Mother's Day.

My dear Dad was diagnosed with lymphoma. Luckily it is a very slow growing type of cancer, and can be treated by an infusion drug called Rituxan. Lots of tears, lots of terror, lots of prayers. Lots. Fortunately he lives in Chico and I will have the summer off to take care of him.

But yesterday was a sweet day indeed. What does it mean to be a She? Love, Laughter, Thread, Talk, Fabric, Hugs, Food, Help, Advice, and more Love.

My Sew Sisters better known as The She's gathered for a progressive dinner beginning at our house and traveling to Debi and Gayle's for a delightful calorie filled few hours. I love visiting people's houses and seeing how they live, the photographs of family, the kind of collections they have. Our youngest member Taylor the precious daughter of Coleen was very patient with all of us as we had our turns holding her. (Wish I had gotten a photograph of Emily, Ronda's darling daughter who is officially the designated driver of Shes who may have had a glass of wine or two.)

The Sew Sisters are 15 women who are related in some way or another either by birth, marriage, long time friendships, and in my case pure luck! And of course quilting. We meet at Morning Star on the last Sunday of the month when we can, and a few times a year we get to sew for three days together. Love to Marsha and Jen for making sure that happens. They are the dearest women every one of them funny and caring and talented.

Please keep good thoughts and prayers for my Dad and keep in touch over the summer.

I may even have a quilt or two to show you soon! Liberated Star and a Kaffe Snowball in progress!


  1. Prayers are on their way for your dad. He's in good hands. Your fun group looks great in that great kitchen. Good blog today. janie

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad, Pam. Good thoughts heading to Chico for the two of you. We have several lymphoma survivors in our choir, so take heart. Bet you're glad to have DD home for a while!

  3. Godspeed to your dad's full healing.

    And what a great group. I definitely miss my group of friends... (they live far away now)...that is one of the down sides of living out here in rice land.

    It's good to hear from you again!

  4. Here's to effective treatments and speedy recoveries for your dad. And yeah, Daughter in the house! Is she close by? That's always good right? xo

  5. Your dad looks good! I'm praying for him EACH day and you too. Your little get-together looks too fun! And I can't wait to see the Kaffe quilt!