Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red White and Yellow!

Happy 4th of July Gals! I know that it's red white and blue day, but for me it's red white yellow and a little pink day!

I finally finished up Carmen's little southern roommate's quilt. Here they are hamming it up for me in May when we went to visit. My daughter said to me, Maddie loves quilts Mom and wishes she knew you well enough to ask for one...enough said right?

It is made from two lines of fabric both with Sugar in the name! Perfect for Miss Maddie and perfect for a southern gal!

From Flower Sugar by Lecien and Sugar from Art Gallery Quilts. I had no idea at the time I was combining them! Later when I was saving the selvages for my someday selvage project, I saw it! I had the Flower Sugar in my cupboard and went to find some extras to go with. Love it when that kind of serendipity happens!
And by the way, I quilted this all on Miss Meander! Thanks to Lizzie for putting on the binding for me by the way!

The southern quilters I met were wonderful. I was able to visit both stores of People, Places and Quilts. They are awesome, y'all! They deserve a new fabric line just as sweet as they are and I want someone to design a new line of fabric called Sweet Tea
Those darlin' gals down south would love it!


  1. so pretty Pam! What a *sweet* thing to do!

    (and I like the name of your fabric line). ;)

  2. Just found your blog and love it!
    Your quilt is adorable!
    I think that I need to tell my friend Lori about your great idea for a line of fabric. She could do just that!
    Have a wonderful 4th~

  3. Pam, I love the quilt! I'm really missing The She's....Luv ya

  4. Very cute, Pam! Nicely done.