Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Piecing Less Blogging!

Oh gosh, blogging has taken a backseat to quilting! Hooray! Since I go back to work in a week I have really been focused on getting things done...once back at work things kinda slowwwwww down.

Here is Glorify which I will teach at Morning Star with Cinde Nelson this coming October.
She is a fabulous watercolorist that will lecture on color theory and all the fun that goes with that.

And here is my nearly finished "Come Around for Coffee" which is a free pattern by the wonderous Pam Kitty Morning and can be found on her blogspot.

The little Christmas quilt should have been done last year (note fabric of seasons past :) but at least I churned it out this year! I added liberated stars to the corners.

Off today to take a class at Morning Star from Kaffe's Quilt Romance the Pickle Dish with tons of polka dots...and the Paradise Quilt Show is also going on. Good times in Fabric Heaven I'd say gals!


  1. You,re on my home turf now Pam, maybe we'll run into each other yet again. Hehehehe

  2. Enjoy that last week! It looks like you have plenty of beautiful projects to keep you busy.

  3. Yikes HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!
    Super cute!!!

  4. You've been plenty busy! I love your wonky trees! And I will miss seeing you on Mondays~

  5. These photos of flowers and your quilt are beautiful! I'd sure be tempted to frame these! Gorgeous!

  6. Wonderful quilts!! In the flowery one it's hard to tell where the quilt ends and the flowers begin! Love them all.

    I hope back to work is going well!!!

  7. Hey! I recognize that Christmas fabric. I did the Jelly Roll Quilt along in Crazy 8.