Friday, October 22, 2010

Super Duper Quilts From Pacific International

Gals, we couldn't have had more fun than my three days at PIQF. Wow. Besides being giddy about our little onestitchoff quilt jewelry and the positive feedback we received from everyone, we just had the best adventures from the word go. I'm going to post tons of quilts on my flickr page later but for now, lookie here! I'll start with a few of my favorites and continue, but honestly some of the quilts just drop you to your knees with talent.
The vendors get to me right away and I just know I can make at least 5 quilts next week when I start grabbing up those patterns, fabric, ribbons, buttons, rulers, and so many cool things you start getting a little light headed. But the best part is of course the people and the quilts. So very nice to see those smiling people that do want to sell things, but are also very human and kind and funny. And the quilt celebs? Well, you know I think they are pretty cool and Debbie egged me on to get photographs with lots of talented people. She really didn't have to try very hard, hee hee.

I also marveled at an Indian Wedding that took place while we were at the Hyatt. Here's a few photos of the guests and of course the lovely bride being escorted to the groom. Woohoo! We had a front row seat somehow at the bar accompanying the wedding scene. And we happened to find the reception ballroom pictured below. Heavenly...the walls covered in white tulle with violet lights behind, satin table linens and ribbons on each and every chair. Amazing! The room was set up for at least 200 people or maybe more.It was dreamy! And it smelled like a million flowers. Fabulous! I wonder if we saw it before the bride and groom?

So, back to reality now and work and home and the fall has definitely hit Chico. Rain for three days this weekend and beyond is predicted. But I don't mind. I have all my loot and inspiration to keep me happy for days. And I hear the sound of lots of pounding in my very near future!


  1. Those are some fabulous quilts! Love the witch!

  2. Thanks for sharing Pammy, love the quilts. Lizzie

  3. I was very impressed with the quilts there too. They have such a good mix of traditional and art it's a pleasure to look around. (And of course the vendors....good thing I had a list so I wouldn't go crazy.)

  4. I was excited to see the Quilting Celebrities too. Love your photos! Did anyone tell you I stopped by the HR booth to say hi?

  5. seeing your pictures just makes me all the more sad I didn't get to go... maybe next year. :)

    so much fun! The rain came a little too early for us... we've still got 40 acres to cut! We're hoping to get it during the lull, and then harvest will be over! woo hoo!

  6. Love the witch and the trees to the sky. Wow, lots of nice work. My friend had a pictorial quilt of a barn juried into this show. Lots of competition!