Saturday, October 16, 2010

Winner! Sharon of Grassroots Quilt Studios!!

A big thank you to all of you gals for playing along for the giveaway! We have had so much fun selling necklaces at Pacific International and spreading the word about our little "chicken".

Sharon of Grassroots Quilt Studios you are the big winner! We will gladly send you any of the designs we already have, or you can choose a personalized message....we had a suggestion from a quilter here for her longarm business of "long armed and dangerous! How funny is that!

Gals, we also want to give a big shout out to Nicole of Sisters Choice. So many of you came by to visit us through her. Thank you for sharing us with your blogging friends Nicole! We heart you!

And thank you all for keeping us in mind if you'd like a special necklace for yourself or a quilting friend. We are thrilled with all of your positive comments on our venture!

Tomorrow, photos of PIQF and the fabulous creative hobby we all love...Quilts of every color, shape, and theme. Until then, Quilt and bee happy! xo Pam and Debbie


  1. I'm a longarm quilter and loved that suggestion! Congrats to your winner.

  2. Thanks so very much! This is exciting.