Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa's Little Teddy Bear

At our house we call Teddy by various names...Ted Ted, Ted Bush, etc. He is a happy little Bichon Frise. I picked him up from the groomers' yesterday and he was looking all spiffy as you can see with his jingle bell collar.

Being a good momma, I purchased a cute little santa toy from Bow Wow Doggie Day Spa where he spent the morning...(I know isn't that name a kick in the pants?) Well, we got home and I took my little purchase into the sewing room and then went about my business. A very short time later I heard a rustling in the got it, Mr. Ted Bush had pulled down the bag and taken his santa!
You can see the "uh oh" on his little mutt face! You are soooo busted Mr. Ted Bush!

Then he howled like crazy for a few minutes to distract me.

But with my usual parenting skills, I gave in and was rewarded with this sweet little look.

It really tuckered him out. He found his pal Miso and took a long winter's nap!


  1. Merry Christmas, Pam! I love your latest creations!

  2. Oh, it gives me a tear! So cute. Glad to see Teddy is enjoying Christmas too!! LOL

  3. :-D

    Merry Christmas Pam and Teddy!

    And thank you for my necklace! You ladies do beautiful work... (I'll let you know when I blog about it this coming week). :)

  4. That is too funny!!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. how sweet! Those doggies are sure clever!! My choc lab had been snooping around the tree for a few days and there was nothing under there for him until Santa came on Christmas!!

  6. ahhh, Ted Ted and Miso, so sweet!