Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year and a Slow Start!

Playing at the computer today I started messin with my's rather purplish at the moment. Stay tuned, it may change! Sometimes you just have to rearrange!

I have a rotten flu/cold thing I got on New Year's Eve. We went to see our daughter's band play at a local casino (weirdness times weirdness where do those people come from??) The band known as "Decades" plays songs we all grew up with and can sing along to from each era...I loved hearing some old Fleetwood Mac and some Blondie and even the Beatles. Fun. All these band members are college students at our local Chico State, work other jobs besides their band and are really fun to be around.

And all of the kids in the band had both their parents there. Truly amazing in this day and age!

Carmen is having fun and earning some extra money. Good for her! The "crowd" loved them. I really have to say though that I hate cigarettes and smoke and I probably wouldn't ever go there unless she was performing. Let's hope they get a gig at a cool fun quilt shop barbeque party with margaritas! Yeah. Right! Lady Gaga dressed in Kaffe ...or something like that!

Gosh it has been so long since I have had a real chance to sew. My Batik block of the month is sadly lanquishing. Here are two finished blocks and next I have to get the center motif and the borders pieced. I had planned to whip it out during the new year's day parade. The best plans sometimes get delayed! Look out January 3rd. I have got your number!! Here it is all ready to go!

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  1. Looks like it was an excellent christmas at your home. Love the quilt you gifted. Yes, the smoke and yes, where do these people come from? *vbg* Happy New Year