Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Blogland Help Today

Need a little good energy today blogging gals. So however you send your prayers, thoughts, good vibes, can you do it for Carmen today? A million thanks! My sweetie girl broke her elbow Saturday night. She was helping out with auditions at a local theater company and slipped in a spilled drink on the floor. We spent the typical 5 hours in the emergency room (what happens that it takes that long? Good Grief!) And have been to see the orthopedic surgeon. It does not need surgery thank goodness, but is in a brace with lots of dials and numbers. She and her band Decades, have the opportunity of a lifetime (especially up here in the boonies) to film a professional music video today! They have been getting considerable positive attention from promoters since they did a New Years gig here. Trooper that she is, she is going to do it, even though she is in lots of pain. She has been "on stage" since she was 5. She has been in over 30 plays in her life and had the lead in Annie when she was 8, teaches in the summer at a wonderful Fine Arts Camp in Placer County, and has performance in her blood. I kid you not. My dear Mom was also a professional night club singer. Truly she was. When I was a kid, we went from L.A. to Las Vegas at least once a month and stayed in nice hotels and did our homework by the pools. They had a huge following in southern California.

So it all skipped a generation with me and went straight to Carmen! My Mom had a "day job" in a doctor's office and Carmen is a senior at Chico State trying to get a teaching credential in these bad times. Geez! I can barely get dinner on the table after a day of work much less anything else. I am amazed and proud. Thanks for listening and I'll let you know how it goes. xo Pam in Chico

p.s. my other little quandry is my giveaway winner has not responded. How long should I wait until I pick another winner?


  1. I'll say she is a trooper!! Sending good vibes her way today!

  2. I hope it went wonderfully! Tell her she did great! :)

  3. Thinking of you and your DD. So glad she doesn't need surgery! Lots of best wishes to her for her performance too.

  4. So sorry to hear about Carmen (I'm Carmen too!!) breaking her elbow. Hope it gets better fast. Also wonderful news about her band; that is very exciting.