Monday, January 3, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Homework Questions!

I wanted to add my two cents to Sew Mama Sew!

2010 Reflections + 2011 Predictions

questions about quilting this past year. Here are the questions and here are my answers.

1. What was your favorite trend in 2010? I had two actually. Solids including semi solids like Basic Grey's "grunge". I loved the Gee's bend solids. I love the craftsmanship of beautiful solids like Cherrywood Fabrics. The Kaffe shot cottons, the Kaufman Chambrays, the dupioni silks. All of these textures and colors make for energetic quilts. Love them! My second favorite trend was the amount of Voile that was introduced. Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks was so dreamy and soft I just couldn't believe how it worked up into the most lightweight and beautiful quilt. I used dream wool and it was as light as a feather!

2. What were your favorite fabric collections? I loved and purchased so many! Hard to say, but what comes to mind again is Bliss by Bonnie and Camille, Martha Negley's Autumn Medley, Edyta Sitar's Batiks, and Red Rose Farm by Elizabeth Scott, Laura Gunn Poppies and Lanterns, So many others! The Kaffes, The Michael Miller Collections, The FigTree, the Valori Wells, the Lecein, the Art Gallery! All of it wonderful.

3. What were your favorite patterns? I loved "Check Out the Stars" by Quilt's especially nice for precut pieces. I made the Pam Kitty Mornings Come Around for Coffee, and it had very good instructions. Love that! all the Aardvark patterns, and the darling Knight Watch by Lizzy House and Oh Fransson!

4. What were your favorite blogs? This is too hard! Any certain day, any certain mood and amount of time would send me dreaming away and further and further down the rabbit hole of blogland. I always check my friends's blogs, Quilting in Northern California, Our Happy Place, OneStitchOff, TraceyJayQuilts,ABC, msmcporkchopquilts, Honey Run, Simply Cotton and always love Material Obsession, Humble Quilts, Sisters Choice, PamKittyMorning, Happy Zombie, Baumcat, Small Works in Wool, Valori Wells, Sue Spargo, Frieda Anderson, Laura Wasilowski and on and on. I don't want to hurt any feelings. Look down my "Virtual Inspiration" tab. they are all worthy and fabulous.

5. The Best thing you made? I'd guess I liked my Little Red House under the Gwenny Stars best. It was just a real fun quilt to make. I pretty much designed it, pieced it, quilted it myself, and here it is. It hangs in my sewing room. A reminder of a small challenge to myself to figure it out!

6. The best thing you saw made by someone else? That would be House Party by Tonye Belinda Phillips. It has everything I love. Colors, beautiful stitching, and fabrics incorporated from far and wide!
8. What is your sewing agenda for 2011? Woah. I'd rather call it something else, but I would visualize some finishes that were put aside it the past year, some new ways to use what I have already in my stash. It is time to use it up or move it on. I keep telling myself this isn't a library collection although I know all the "titles" and "authors" or my beautiful cloth stacks...mostly that is. I mostly want to enjoy the moments. I also love getting others involved in quilting. I hope I don't push too much, but I love the common pleasures to share with friends. Putting those little squares together is meditation for me. It brings me happiness and gives my mind a place to settle and think things through or perhaps not worry about things.

9. what would you like to learn more about? I would really like to know how to resize patterns. I had the devil of a time reworking a square that I wanted to be larger. It took me hours to make little paper pieces and measure and do the math. I finally did it but I know there some magic out there that I can use. Can anyone help me find it?
So there it is. Lengthy and lots of links1 I enjoy quilting. I love the community it brings, the joy of color and patterns. Happy 2011!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Pam! I appreciate it! Can't wait to see what you get up to this year!! xo

  2. I loved reading your homework answers!!
    Number 9- Electric quilt, even an old version will do just what you want.

  3. Hope you also keep up with your jewelry making! Happy 2011, Pam.

  4. Lori came up with the modern answer to #9. Mine was to buy the 12 x 12 graph paper(June Tailor??) at a quilt store and draw it out. I learned this in my first quilting class and it's been a "go to" method that never lets me down.