Friday, March 11, 2011

Give and Receive

Happy Friday gals! I want to share a new little member of my sewing staff. Yes, she is quite petite but oh so helpful! I have named her Miss Rip for obvious reasons! My dear friend Lizzie surprised me with her last week! It was love at first sight.

If you'd like to have your own little friend, you can find them here. And don't worry--even after the long trip from Australia, she was raring to go on my most recent project problem sewing. She even seams to like the work! Go figure. By the way, the beautiful little hand stitched miniature pillow next to Miss Rip was also a handmade gift from Lizzie awhile back. I am lucky to have such a good friend who does nice work!

I also want to share a sweet photo of my long time friend Rosann and her "Mum" Mary from Exeter, New Hampshire. I have known Rosann since 1975 and her family just about as long. Mary is now 87 years of age and was visiting last week in Chico. We have always had a special connection, and I wanted to give Mary a gift to take home. So here we are with a small throw I made last year at Bodega Bay. It is lightweight with dream wool batting, so it isn't heavy on a fragile lap. It feels like a cloud to tell you the truth. The fabric is the popular French General's Rouenneries from awhile back. She said it is just the colors of her living room! A true blessing to give warmth to a dear friend.


  1. Miss Rip is a cutie, and well, that quilt is beautiful!

  2. Miss rip is cute. What a fun little gift! Miss you....I remember you making that quilt.